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" Integrating all building systems into a single building solution. "

Building Automation

Building automatic HVAC management provides a complete offering to technical infrastructure support and full controllability of elevators, security equipment, fire/life safety, comfort tools and power efficiency in buildings. Building Automation Systems (BAS) use computer-based system monitoring to coordinate, organize and optimize building control sub-systems. Applications including:

  • Equipment Scheduling - Turning equipment off and on as required; manually or automatically.
  • Optimized Start/Stop - Turning heating and cooling equipment on in advance to ensure the building is at the required temperature during occupancy.
  • Operator Adjustment - Accessing operator set-points that tune system to changing conditions.
  • Monitoring - Logging of temperature, energy use, equipment start times, operator logon, etc.
  • Alarm Reporting - Notifying the operator of failed equipment, out of limit temperature/pressure conditions or need for maintenance.
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