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" Riding on the next wave of evolution towards innovative and seamless system integration "


Traditionally, the safety, security and automation industry has been dominated by electronic engineering companies and over the years they had developed their own legacy proprietary products and systems that do not easily integrate with each other. Therefore, scalability and integration may prove to be a costly affair and in some cases, may not be possible. The introduction and development of fast and powerful microprocessors at reasonable costs has changed the scenario. Such companies are now driven to take advantage of this technology to produce products and systems to harness the processing power of these processors.

The various safety and security concerns that the world is facing at the moment further exacerbate products companies to introduce systems towards the higher end of the technology curve. Almost all of these products and systems are being integrated seamlessly to take advantage of the next wave in technological convergence. This is a positive step towards the right direction for the industry but the negative side is that a fair numbers of the traditional system integrators who are embroiled in the analogue world may have a steep learning curve confronting them.

With the strength and skill sets from e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd, Sigmaline Technologies was set up to operate on a different plane in the Safety, Security and Automation industry. Our professionals with expertise in network infrastructure and security, access control, security surveillance, building automation and safety systems are well equipped to advise our clients on the suitability of the systems to be implemented. Also, our strong background in research and development will assist us in understanding the technologies and the applications.


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